Becky’s version…

More often than not people will say that winning the lottery is the thing that would most change their lives. But what if ‘life changing’ can tiptoe in rather than announce itself loudly with a fanfare and a big cheque?

I’m the poorest I’ve ever been financially and yet I’m doing more of the things that make me happy. With a person that I adore. 
Lea and I have been getting back to basics doing things that top our happiness Richter scale and this weekend has seen us revelling in many of those small scale but utterly joy-inducing moments that make me want to pee my pants, squeal in delight and touch the clouds all at once.

Stone painting. Who knew painting rocks could be so utterly enjoyable? (Once you have the right tools 🙄) None of these will be making it to the fantastic Newark Rocks – the hide and seek-a-rock Facebook group that are cropping up all over the place – we have a handmade Xmas to prepare for afterall 😉

Baking. Healthy banana and pecan bread and all-butter, all-chocolate, ten bags of sugar, gooey, melt-in-the-mouth cookies that I can’t bloody eat, made lovingly, without too much envy, for the glorious Mrs O.

Swift tunes. New song learning. Challenging times with young Taylor’s complex melodies and lyrics. We can’t do it without her holding our hand thus far…

The i crossword. A bloody jumbo one at that! Lazy days sans small people should always involve words of crossness, oh no, that’s days WITH small people 😮

So. No lottery win. Truth be told I don’t play. But won big on joy, making stuff, laughing, intimacy, fun, processing, munching, and of course, Strictly!

Lea’s version…

One of the upsides to rediscovering ourselves in our 40s is finding the things we really want to do to create the life we want. 

This doesn’t always  have to be the big bucket (lemon) list type items, instead it can be the small, innocuous-sounding activities.
This is a snapshot of the day we spent together yesterday – a rare 24-hours+ of child-free time to do just as we please. Things like…

Singing – if you’ve ever tried to play the guitar and sing a Taylor Swift song (without listening to her at the same time), you’ll discover a new-found appreciation for Ms Swift’s skills. We’re currently learning this song which is taking MUCH effort!

Stone painting – a slight detour for a hot stone massage after washing then drying the stones on the radiator, and £30 of pens later and we’re ready to go 😳

Cross-wording – our history knowledge leaves much to be desired!! Gratitude to Mr. Google.

Baking – dairy-free and gluten-free banana and pecan bread (baked by me for Becky) and the most gluttonous all-butter, Toblerone and Lindt chocolate cookies (baked by Becky for me).

All tiny steps on the road to happiness and the Lemonaid life we want ❤️