26 Ways To Please Your Lover

This isn’t a radical departure from Lemonaid’s usual themes, we’ve not gone all 50 shades on you (yet)! In the midst of our new year planning activities, I came upon the following tweet which I thought was a great idea and enthusiastically suggested to Becky that we try something similar…

Given that I struggle with consistency, Lea, this is not sounding like the ideal scenario for me! 52 weeks of starting new habits and hoping that the useful ones will stick?! I’m the girl that rebels against putting deodorant on two days on the trot in case I feel trapped by routine!

Seriously woman, you think I can undertake 26 different tasks this year and try and maintain them all? Do you actually know me?

No. And yes.

Blunt and direct as ever, my lovely!! Ok so assuming I can commit my ass to this foolish plan of yours, what habits do YOU want to form….delivering me a daily 4-course breakfast consisting of perfectly cooked sunny side ups WITH black pepper??

If it’s low carb, with 30g of protein within the first 30 minutes of waking AND followed by an ice cold shower, before 45 minutes in the gym, followed by 30 minutes of meditation to set the right intentions before a productive few hours of work…

Suddenly I’ve lost my appetite! So how am I going to have the best chance of maintaining my new carb detesting, protein rushed, frozen bodied, worked out, crossed legged Buddha self, oh habit forming one?? And – now there’s one for the list, no starting sentences with ‘and’ – I have other habits I (read: we) want to create…did I mention you telling me you love me daily?

Weeeeeelllll…according to Charles Duhigg in The Power of Habits – habits are choices that we deliberately make at some point, and then stop thinking about but continue doing, often every day. Common examples of habits are brushing your teeth, driving your route to work/play, going to the gym etc.

To change a habit, you need to start making new choices again. In this way, you’ll replace the formula your brain currently automatically follows  – when I see/hear/do/feel TRIGGER, I do HABIT so that I get a REWARD – with new and once again more consciously-chosen actions. According to numerous studies, the easiest way to do this is with a plan which – within psychology – are known as “implementation intentions”. A year of 2-week experiments is our implementation intention!

Wow Lea, that tripped so effortlessly off your keyboard! Right, well if I agree to your crazy scheme we are going to need to agree 26 habits we want to form if we’re doing it in tandem…ready?

  1. Juicing
  2. Low carb
  3. Supplements
  4. 30 minutes of exercise daily
  5. Glass of water first thing in the morning (L) / before each meal (B)
  6. Daily natural vision correction exercises (L) / Returning to love (B)
  7. Daily gratitudes
  8. Better sleep routine (L) / In bed by 11pm (B)
  9. 30 minutes of work daily, even when we have the kids
  10. Saying I love you daily to Becky (L) / Speaking to myself in a positive, loving way (B)
  11. Meal planning & organisation for the week ahead
  12. No phone use while driving
  13. 5 minutes of kissing daily & always kissing on greeting/leaving
  14. Daily meditation
  15. Read for 30 minutes a day
  16. Partner’s choice #1 (we each get to choose an activity for the other to do)
  17. Daily cold showers (We’re going to need this after 5 minutes of snogging every day!!!)
  18. Daily manifesting practice
  19. Daily journaling
  20. Return to now/being in the present
  21. Daily act of service
  22. Partner’s choice #2
  23. Reconnecting with someone from our network every day
  24. Make more direct sexual requests
  25. Guitar for 30 minutes a day
  26. Creating for 30 minutes a day (writing, blogging, other creative endeavour)

We’ll be keeping you updated on our progress with each 2-week experiment (oh it’s going so well so far!!!)…