About LemonAid

What is LemonAid?

Ultimately, it’s a love story. It’s a story about how – at the grand old ages of 39 and 42 – we individually made some life-changing decisions and ended up together, carving out a life for ourselves and our 4 children, to rediscover who we are – apart and together.

Why LemonAid? Well, that’s a nod to…

  • The use of the word ‘lemons’ to mean lesbians.
  • The fact that us being together has been much needed ‘first aid’ for the lives we were living – each perfectly ok and sometimes more than ok – but with a sense that something was always missing.
  • Filling in those missing parts – of working through our ‘stuff’ together, of doing things that make us feel good and of giving back.
  • The saying “when life gives you lemons make lemonade” – because we intend to make the most of the decisions we’ve made, despite the challenges (and there are still many), and make far more than just lemonade 😉
  • The perfect kind of lemonaid is a balance of sweet and sour – because the sour makes the sweet taste that little bit sweeter, and vice versa!

What exactly are we doing?

If you figure it out, do tell!!! We’ve had lots of discussions about the kinds of things we each want to do with our lives…

What makes life fun? What makes life rich? What makes life fulfilling?

Because if you’re going to do what we’ve done – leave long term relationships, turn our children’s worlds upside-down, start a relationship with one of your best friends, then face the judgment and opinions of friends and family – there better damn well be some upsides!

So we’ve made our Lemon List and we’ll be sharing our journey as we tick things off and find (and share) all the moments of joy we can – big and small – as we navigate our way through this world, together.